Toad People | How did the toad cross the road? A community-funded toad tunnel, of course!
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How did the toad cross the road? A community-funded toad tunnel, of course!

Ryder Lake Chilliwack toad tunnelA group of caring citizens in Chilliwack, BC have created an ecopassage for migrating western toads this past summer underneath a section of the Elk View Road. Listed as a species of special concern in BC, western toad populations have experienced significant declines. One of the threats facing the pebble-sized young toadlets is heavy traffic – they are difficult to see so many are run over by vehicles on their journey from the wetlands where they breed to the woods where they will live. The toad tunnel, which was completed last June thanks to the Fraser Conservancy and dedicated volunteers, has not only been beneficial for the toads but also for creating community awareness about the threats amphibians face.


This is a toad-ally epic tale of people banding together to conserve this species. Our trailer and crowdfunding campaign for Toad People will be launching mid-January 2016, so stay tuned for more updates.


If you would like to donate to help bring this toad tale to life, please email
To read more about the Fraser Valley Conservancy’s work on the toad tunnel, click here.